Call Answering Services only 9€/month

For only 9 €/month we offer you an exclusive telephone for your company. The answer is personalised with the name of your business and always following the instructions you give us, either by transferring the call to a mobile (or other landline) or by taking the message and sending it by email.

Your virtual secretary allows you to be always available for your clients while offering an unbeatable image of your business. Having a landline phone transmits confidence in your company and with this service you will have a secretary for a fraction of the cost of hiring a person to answer all your calls.

Virtual Secretary Service for 9€/month + 1€/call received

  • Virtual Secretary Service for €9/month + 1€/call received
  • Personalised telephone answering service
  • Transfer to mobile phone or send message by email
  • Reply in English or Spanish

Options available for the Virtual Secretary service:

  • Number 900-901-902 (9€/month)
  • Welcome voice-over (9€/month)
  • Voicemail with email message for out of hours calls (9€/month)

Frequently asked questions virtual secretary

What services does the virtual secretary offer?

We will answer incoming calls for your company under your name and following the procedure you indicate, exactly as your secretary would do.

Will I have a dedicated telephone number for my company?

Yes, this way your virtual secretary will be able to answer with your company name when receiving calls.

Can I publish my telephone number on my website?

Yes, just as if the phone were in your office.

Does the contract have a contract period?

No. It is a flexible contract with no minimum contract period.

When does the virtual secretary answer my calls?

Our opening hours are from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, except for the month of August when it is from 9am to 4pm.

What happens if calls are received outside opening hours?

It is possible to set up a voicemail for customers to leave a message that will be sent to you by email in real time.

Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes, we will take care of the transfer to our system. If you wish to do so in the future, it would be no problem for you to transfer it back.

Will I also be able to receive mail at the office if I subscribe to the telephone answering service?

The telephone answering service only includes the reception of calls, but you can also contract the registered office service, which allows you to receive correspondence.

Can I forward my phone only when I am busy or on holiday so that I don’t miss any calls?

Yes, it is possible to use the service only at specific times when you will not be able to answer the phone. Charging for incoming calls is very appropriate for this use.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry. Find out about our virtual secretary service and discover what we can offer your business. We are located in calle Francisco Silvela 110, on the corner of Príncipe de Vergara and very close to the Av. de América interchange. You can also contact us at 911847848 or